I recently switched away from the Apple Macbook Pro after about 3 years as I could not justify buying it any more. There new Dell XPS 15 seemed like a good alternative with much better spec and reasonable Linux support.

I will use this post to note down my personal experiences and keep it updated with my experience and any tips:

Operating System (OS): Antergos

I tried a couple of flavours of Ubuntu but having lived with Homebrew on the macOS which pulls very fresh packages from github, I just could not go back to apt when there is Pacaur. The Arch based rolling distro is very popular with a great community, a bit like the Ubuntu based Linux Mint but for Arch.

Desktop Environment (DE): XFCE

I lived with Gnome3 for the first few weeks, and to be honest it is very usable, and seems to have the best HiDPI support out of the box (at least together with Unity). However overall it was not very stable. Locking the screen, screensavers, hibernation, all lead to system locks. Switching to XFCE4 solved all of these and has been very stable without any locks or crashes. Main surprise was that no HiDPI themes were built in so I had to compile my own Arc HiDPI theme (with ./arc-variants -i=blue-hidpi -v=22 flags and then load it with xfwm4-settings)

Last Updated: May 4th, 2017.